EdTech Advocacy and Policy Summit 2018 - March 14 and 15 in Washington, DC

Together Our Voices Can Make a Difference!

It is more essential than ever for federal policymakers and officials to hear from educators about the benefits of digital learning for students, teachers and families, and to help shape policies reflecting this input. Join CoSN, ISTE and SETDA and add your voice to this debate by attending the EdTech Advocacy and Policy Summit 2018. Here is your opportunity to learn about the issues and meet with key policymakers.

We're recruiting outstanding leaders now for the Summit and a year of exciting and impactful advocacy activities. Make a difference and ensure your EdTech voice is always heard. Register here for CoSN’s EdTech Advocacy and Policy Summit 2018.

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Homework Gap

Lifeline Program

Posted November 29, 2017


Title IV-A Funding

Posted November 28, 2017

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