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What provisions does this year's budget include for education technology?

In December 2015, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the first update to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act since 2001. ESSA Title IV's new Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant (SSAEG) is designed to help districts effectively use technology. Including the program in the final bill was a major victory, but Congress failed to fully fund it for Fiscal Year 2017 and is on track to fall short again for Fiscal Year 2018. CoSN has issued statements urging Congress to provide $1.6 billion for the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant and has been working hard on Capitol Hill to expand the program's allies.

President Trump's FY 2018 budget request proposed to eliminate funding for the bipartisan SSAEG program. His spending request is deeply disappointing given ESSA's $1.6 billion authorization level and program's bipartisan support. In addition to advocating independently for the program, CoSN joined with a broad-based coalition of national and state associations working to increase the program's funding. Congress has not yet completed work on the Fiscal Year 2018 appropriations process and CoSN is continuing to advocate on Capitol Hill for an increase to the program's current funding level of $400 million.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE – Please contact your Senators and Representatives today and urge them to ask the Appropriations Committees to provide $1.6 billion for the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant program. You can send a letter through the Advocacy Network.

What’s CoSN Doing?

CoSN is calling upon Congress to complete the FY 2018 appropriations process and provide $1.6 billion for the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant to advance ESSA's implementation. CoSN sent a letter to the House Appropriations Subcommittee and joined with a broad-based coaliton of national and state associations urging increased support.

CoSN has prepared talking points for you to use on this issue.

What Can You Do?

Join the CoSN Advocacy Network. We will let you know when it is a good time to send a message on appropriations to your Congressional Representatives!

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The Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) Grant Program  (.pdf)  

ESSA Title II-A Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants Program  (.pdf) 


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